A Brief On "Why Coconut Oil" From Our Founder, Danielle Conte

At first, it was such a monster of a question when asked “why coconut oil?”. I would mumble, “well, it has these properties and it functionally acts like this and that, and you can use it in these 5000 ways blah, blah”. My response nowadays is, “what can you NOT use it for”. I don’t mean to be a sass, its just that over the last few years, it’s proving to be true.

I’m not really here to convince you to use coconut oil; it sells itself. But I am here to share a tool that has helped me look and feel my healthiest yet. I recently turned 31, look a bit younger than that, and I feel like I’m 25 (clearly ignoring the heads of grays, thanks banking days). I also put coconut oil in packaging that’s convenient for everyday use, because that’s what my tribe and I wanted and it couldn’t be found.

A few years ago a healer in Ubud handed me coconut oil after an accident and my reaction at the time was “is this dude serious? I fall off a motorcycle and you give me COCONUT OIL? Doesn’t he know how traumatized my elbow and pride are? (ok it was worse that that). But within days, it began to reveal how it really works in miraculous ways. The left side of my body was pretty beat up and only the tiniest warrior wound remains on my arm. I receive daily texts, emails, calls and posts excitedly informing me that “did you know coconut oil makes my feet soft?” to “under my eyes looks like a babies’ tush!”. So I say humbly, try it, you might like it. It takes seconds for whatever you put on your skin to go into your bloodstream. Well that works out great when its certified organic food grade coconut oil flowing through those cells of yours.

Beauty products contain a plethora of unnatural ingredients and you should never put anything on your body you can’t pronounce (ok, “conscious” can get a little tough…) So if this nut from the ground that’s certified organic AND made with love is replacing that face wash with a questionable ingredient list, WHY NOT? Life is so good and I’m grateful for it all and I want to stretch my time on this beautiful blue planet circling around the sun, next to the moon as long as possible.