From Our Founder: Traveling

I’m a traveler. I love it. I love packing. I love planes, trains, tuk-tuks, automobiles, boats, motorcycles, horses, bicycles, overnight buses, and trolleys. I love airports. I love the lines. I love when my boarding pass pops up in the passbook app on my iPhone. I love when they call my boarding zone. I love my passport and the matching holder and luggage tag. I love the snacks I pack for the airport. I love drinking smart waters and coconut waters on the plane. I love my music and wireless headphones. I love the books I’ve downloaded on my iPad. I love plane peanuts and hand wipes when you’re flying in Asia. I love laying my head against the window breathing in the clouds allowing my mind to think what it wants, dozing in and out if that’s what I need. I love talking to my angels in the clouds and having that much needed one on one catch up time. I love that I can feel them and hear them so clearly.

I love moving from one point to another. I love the answers I’m given in this space of transit being that its just me and my soul. I love looking out the window, down at the ground thinking how important it is to have balance between flying in the clouds yet being grounded on earth. I love looking out thinking of all the souls I’m passing and how I hope they’re having a wonderful day. I wonder about their journeys and send love to them all. I love strangers. I love making small talk and hearing their stories. I love that short meeting of minds to realize how different we all are – yet on a physical journey to the same destination. I love my home and I love the comforts of what that entails. I love my bed and I love my pillows and the person I share them with. And I love travel and change and the miracles and secrets revealed in those moments of transition. I appreciate and am grateful for it all.