Moving Through Your Winter Coconut Oil

Baby it's cold outside! You’re probably noticing the negative effects on your skin as it becomes dry, flaky and itchy. There’s an endless array of lotions & potions but which products really work? There’s one superfood solution that is straight from the earth, affordable, works wonders, and is one heck of a multi-tasker!

Conscious Coconut Oil soothes rashes, speeds your skin’s healing process and combats flaking like a boss! Read below for a few of our favorite Winter Uses:

Cuticle Cream: There is no better cuticle treatment than coconut oil. Apply a small amount, let the oil sit for a few moments and push back cuticles as usual.
Deep Conditioner: The abundant fatty acids in CoCo not only penetrate the hair follicle but provide it with some serious shine. Vitamin E nourishes from the inside out, rebuilding protein & strengthening your hair . Apply from root to tip, just as you would any other conditioner, cover with a plastic cap and wrap with a towel for about thirty minutes. You may need to rinse more than once if you have thin hair.
Dry and Cracked Feet: This is as simple as can be: Simply slather coconut oil all over your feet, put on some cotton socks, and go to sleep. When you wake up, your feet will be softer than you ever thought possible. And they’ll smell good, too!

Eczema and Rashes: Conscious Coconut Oil is an amazing treatment for chronic skin conditions due to the antimicrobial and anti fungal properties it offers. Applying topically is a great start but to see the maximum healing benefits you should consume at 2-3 tablespoons a day, which is the recommended amount to take when treating eczema. Not only will it fight the bacteria formation on your skin, but it also boosts your overall immune system against other ailments and infections.
Eye Cream: Ditch your regular expensive eye cream and opt to try pure coconut oil instead. Simply rub a small amount under and around your eyes daily for maximum results. You will be blown away.
Whole Body Moisturize: Using coconut oil on your skin can be the difference between flaky, dry skin, and soft, glowing skin. Lucky for you, CoCo is a nourishing moisturizer for all skin types. Using coconut oil daily can restore your skin’s elasticity, also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s not greasy & absorbs easily into the skin. But remember to start small! A little CoCo goes a long way.


Have you seen a difference after using CoCo? Let us know! Leave a comment or send us a shout out on social @consciouscoconut.