Shake Up Your Shower Routine and Deep Condition With Coconut Oil

Shampoo, conditioner—you know the drill. While most of us have our shower routines locked in, it never hurts to shake things up. We’re always jumping at the opportunity to turn up the volume on our hair care treatments, and when we learned that coconut oil makes an amazing, all-natural deep conditioner, we were ready to try this hair hack ASAP. 

That’s exactly why we’re sharing not only the why behind coconut oil conditioning, but also the how. Get the deets below on how you can hydrate your locks with CoCo for hair that’s soft, smooth, strong, and totally frizz-free. This is the beauty DIY you need to try right away!

What Makes Coconut Oil Is A Great Deep Conditioner

Before we get to the details on how to start deep conditioning with Conscious Coconut, we knew we needed to share the science that backs up the amazing results. Coconut oil is a powerful conditioner because of its abundance of medium chain triglycerides. These fatty acids go to work on your hair, restoring softness and shine and locking in moisture. Coconut oil acts as a sealant, trapping in hydration and making your other conditioning products more effective. 

Compared to conventional conditioners, which often contain processed vegetable oils, stripping the product of its antioxidant power, Conscious Coconut contains high amounts of antioxidants, helping to support locks in protecting against the damaging effects of heat application that can develop over time.

Vitamin E And Lauric Acid Nourish Hair From The Inside Out

Vitamin E is one of key ingredients that makes coconut oil such an amazing solution to almost any wellness woe. Vitamin E rebuilds proteins to strengthen your hair, keeping locks lush and full. Add lauric acid to the mix, and suddenly you have a powerhouse duo that’ll boost shine and promote healthy hair growth.

How To Deep Condition With CoCo

Now for the best part: your step-by-step guide to using coconut oil as a conditioner. Deep conditioning with Conscious Coconut is best done on already-damp hair. Grab a Conscious Coconut Oil Packet, massaging it briefly to liquify the oil, and then apply to the scalp, massaging as you move from root to tip. Wrap hair with a hair towel, and kick back and relax for at least thirty minutes, or an hour or two if you can. When the time’s up, spend a little extra care ensuring that your hair is fully rinsed and scrub with shampoo to get all the coconut oil washed away. To get the most out of deep conditioning, incorporate the CoCo mask into your routine as a weekly practice.

Shine, Baby, Shine

Once you’ve applied your deep conditioning CoCo mask, you’ll start seeing results right away. With coconut oil, you can expect to see luster and shine return to your locks, plus you’re proactively preventing split ends while also improving your hair’s ability to keep a curl or manage any styling products or tools you apply. Hair will be nourished, happy, and hydrated—all thanks to coconut oil.

For hair that’s strong and can stand up to anything that comes its way, start deep conditioning with Conscious Coconut. Explore our haircare collection or entire coconut oil collection for all the many ways you can make CoCo a part of your beauty routine.