How to Maintain Your Wellness Routine During the Holidays

We all know it all too well — when the holiday season rolls around, chaos ensues. Though the gatherings (now virtual), gift-getting, gift-receiving and more, are most of the time the highlights of all of our years, the holiday season can be stressful. Stress often causes us to slack on our routines and often neglect what is best for us. 

Although we may be making many sacrifices this holiday season — including a lot of us not being able to see our own family members — it is crucial to maintain some type of consistency to stay calm and continue to feel like the best version of ourselves throughout December with a self-care routine and promises to ourselves. 

The following tips will give a boost to your festivities and let you show up as the best version of yourself during debatably the most hectic holiday season of all time: 

  • Plan Ahead - Stress can cause painful momentary ailments and long-term health issues to its inhabitants. One of the most preventative ways to avoid stress is by planning holiday activities, gifts, meals and more ahead, so you will be more able to be present in the moment with any friends and family that you will safely have around. 
  • You Are What You Eat - Though it is human nature to want to enjoy a warm and soft cookie or dessert during the winter, maybe try a new recipe this year with a more rewarding twist. This chocolate chip cookie recipe has a unique approach to a classic favorite. By adding coconut oil to usual recipes, you incorporate a simple way to boost your overall wellness and immunity without sacrificing the flavors and comfort from these tasty treats. 
  • Stay Active - A great way to enjoy the holiday meals even more is by taking walks with family after dinner. These walks are also a great way to spend time with family six feet apart and in the open air. These walks will not only get everyone outside to enjoy the winter wonderland — or semi-chilly weather like ours in Florida — but these walks help with digestion after large meals.
  • Prioritize Self Care - If you’re home alone or hosting the whole family, it is always essential to treat yourself to some alone time. Even if it’s just once a week, take time for self care and to unwind. Run a warm bath with 1 tbsp of CoCo, apply our coconut oil hair mask and meditate with your own thoughts, then rinse thoroughly for a frizz-free holiday hairdo. 
  • Enjoy It - After the year we have all had, we owe it to ourselves to really take in all of the love and joy that comes with the holiday season. These are the moments we will cherish forever with the ones we love the most. Even if you don’t stick to your perfect wellness routine — it’s okay! If all we can do at the end of this year is be grateful that 2020 is finally ending — so be it!