How to Use Coconut Oil this Memorial Day Weekend

There are plenty of outdoor uses for coconut oil this Memorial Day. No matter if you’re staycationing at home or heading to your family’s lake house for the long weekend, coconut oil is a must have for the holiday festivities.

Coconut oil has taken the beauty industry by storm the past few years. It’s a versatile product that won’t break the bank like many beauty products do. It’s 100% organic and was made to simplify. You can use organic coconut oil to replace several other products that take up room in your bag (makeup remover, shaving cream, lotion and more!). 

We’ve compiled a list of coconut oil uses that will make your staycation, vacation, and daily life easier:

Makeup Remover: You’d be surprised how well coconut oil takes off your makeup. It’s a lot gentler than those alcohol-based makeup wipes you buy at the drug store! Plus, it will leave your skin feeling soft and soothed afterwards.

Lotion:  Did you know that you can replace coconut oil with your lotion? Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids which help retain the moisture content of your skin, keeping it soft, supple, and glowy. 

Overnight Hair Mask: Sometimes our hair needs some extra TLC. You can use coconut oil as a hair mask overnight or for a few hours before bed. Since it’s high in lauric acid, it allows the oil to penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing your hair with essential vitamins and minerals. 

“I used one of the packets as a little hair mask and OMG the shine my hair has gotten is incredible!!! I’m so in love, they are not only the cutest but the most nourishing coconut oil I’ve ever used!”

Shaving Cream: Coconut oil works to lather between the blade and your skin to prevent irritation and razor burn. See why you need coconut oil in your life?!

For a Sunburn: Coconut oil helps moisturize sunburned skin and helps minimize itching and peeling. A must-have for your summer days in the sun!

We hope you were able to get some ideas on how to use coconut oil during your Memorial Day vacation and beyond. Stay safe!