The Best Natural After Sun Care with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the gift that just keeps on giving. It’s no lie that everyone loves their dose of sunshine and Vitamin D. But why is coconut oil an essential for after sun care? One major claim to fame is that it’s great at moisturizing thanks to its high lauric acid content. More specifically, coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Let’s dive deeper. 


What Happens to My Hair + Skin After Being in the Sun?

Don't get us wrong - we love a relaxing day in the sun for our mind & body! Sun exposure is not only therapeutic but also a source of Vitamin D, a vitamin essential for human health. While there are some positives, there are many risks involved with overexposure without protection.


For your skin, UV rays react with a chemical in the skin called melanin. This is the first defense against the sun, but melanin can’t absorb all the UV rays. The short-term effects of skin damage are sunburns. Some people are more prone to burning due to pale skin or age, but the best way to prevent is to protect. If you catch yourself burnt after a long day, our coconut oil is the perfect way to soothe + hydrate skin for fast relief and healing effects on your skin. More long term damage on your skin due to UV rays can include premature aging, skin cancer and even vision problems. 


According to the Cleveland Clinic, if your hair has prolonged exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays can damage the outside cover of the hair strand, called the cuticle. It also can interfere with the production of protein known as keratin that makes your hair grow longer & stronger. Signs of sun damage to your hair include discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken/split ends, and thinning.


How Can I Naturally Protect Myself?

If you love the sun but want to stay protected naturally, there’s good news for you! Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which makes coconut oil a must to prevent sun damage and treat after sun! The good saturated fats help to seal moisture, which nourishes skin from the outside in helping to treat peeling, dry skin and renew skin cells naturally. Coconut Oil is your one-stop natural remedy this summer to soothe sunburns, lighten sun spots, cleanse skin, strengthen hair and so much more! 


For your skin: Coconut Oil Wipes


Using SPF before sun is crucial, but after sun care is just as important to hydrate skin and soothe any damage. Here are a few steps for after sun care that is a must this summer (and 100% natural!):

  • Try to avoid the sun in the middle of the day when it’s at its hottest point.
  • Keep your coconut oil wipes in your beach tote for an easy go-to option that is a simple way to wipe soothing coconut oil and cleanse skin. 

If you do get a sunburn after sun, you should follow the guidelines set by the American Academy of Dermatology for treating a new sunburn. It suggests to apply a damp towel on your skin for 10-15 minutes or take a cool shower or bath. After your shower, you can apply coconut oil to soothe. 


"Coconut oil moisturizes your skin and helps relieve any itching and dryness," says dermatologist Dr. Noelani Gonzalez M.D., "Coconut has a few fatty acids in it, such as lauric acid and linoleic acid, which studies show can reduce inflammation while helping to restore skin's moisture barrier." In other words, it's an awesome tool to have for sunburnt skin!


"Apply twice a day daily, ideally right after you shower, to help trap in all that moisture" she suggests. Also, keep in mind that sunburn causes dehydration, so make sure you're drinking enough water as well. 


For your hair: Coconut Oil Jar

You may be asking, what should I do if I want to be outside all summer but find my hair is becoming damaged from the sun? Here are a few steps toward protection:


Before sun:

  • Rub a small amount of coconut oil in your hair. The good saturated fats of the oil will not only lock in the moisture of your hair, but also create a shield against all external aggressions: sun, wind, and even salted water thanks to the hydrophobic property of oil! 

After sun:

  • Use a coconut oil hair mask. All you need to do is grab a jar of coconut oil and apply it all over damp hair. You can part your hair into even sections so it’s easier to apply. Apply more coconut oil to the driest sections of your hair (most likely the ends). Once you’ve coated your hair, put your hair into a bun or use a shower cap. Let sit for 2-3 hours or overnight for a deeper conditioning. Then rinse out and shampoo like normal! 

Meet Conscious Coconut Oil

Conscious Coconut's convenient travel-ready coconut oil is 100% certified organic, fair trade, cold-pressed coconut oil, which means you won't find any artificial ingredients, fillers, fragrances, or unnatural preservatives lurking about. Our coconut oil is made in small batches and never touches a piece of machinery. And we wouldn’t dream of touching an animal in the process either. Add it to your after sun routine today!