Coconut Oil: A Must for New Mothers

Congrats! You’re a new mama. As a parent you often hear that the days are long, but the years are short. It’s complicated to establish a routine with your baby initially, but have no fear - we are here to help. Your baby’s skin is very fragile and sometimes it’s hard to find those go-to products that don’t break the bank. That’s where organic coconut oil comes in!

Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap is one of those things that can sneak up on us mamas, especially when we’re newbies. Coconut oil can be used as a natural treatment. All you need to do is massage the oil directly onto your baby’s scalp and leave for 20 minutes. 

Diaper Rash

Coconut oil’s antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties make it a perfect natural replacement for store-bought diaper ointments. Apply 1 teaspoon on the affected area and allow it to dry before putting on a new diaper. 

Sore Nipples

Coconut oil will be your sidekick throughout your experience as a new mama. It’s a natural moisturizer that will help to prevent dry nipples and will allow your nipples to heal while keeping them safe from infection. 

Teething Pain Reliever

Teething time can be tough for the little ones. Rub a small amount of coconut oil directly onto the gums of those teethers to ease the pain. They’ll even love the taste too!


Dry skin is never fun. Eczema is often common in babies as their skin is quite sensitive. Rub coconut oil on your baby’s skin and it will feel and look better in no time.  

Body Wash

Some of the body wash that you buy at the store are too drying for your baby. Instead, use coconut oil and your baby will feel clean and free of any of those harmful chemicals found in drugstore body washes. 

Use in Food

Did you know that coconut oil consumption of a new mother can increase the milk flow? Along with that, adding oil to your baby’s food is also great. It can make them have better digestion and be relieved from constipation.